Welcome to the WISE Consortium

The Washington Informal Science Education (WISE) Consortium is a new collaboration comprised of six scientific cultural institutions:

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington


The Museum of Flight

Pacific Science Center

Seattle Aquarium

Woodland Park Zoo


Our vision is to leverage our combined expertise and resources to advance STEM learning for our youth in Washington state, especially those who are underserved. We believe the sustained investment of time and resources to implement effective STEM informal learning experiences that complement formal experiences is critical to improving STEM literacy.

To achieve our vision, we are developing innovative programs for K-12 youth. Through the creation of new models of learning, we aim to provide evidence of how cultural institutions can effectively work together with K-12 schools, districts, universities, businesses, and other non-profits to advance STEM interest, motivation, innovation,  literacy, and the pursuit of careers.

By providing exposure to STEM and laying a STEM foundation for this generation of our youth,  the potential gains are vast. We can broaden their opportunities, strengthen their ability to earn a living wage and place them on their desired career path. This, in turn, will strengthen our state economically and improve our quality of life and communities.