Our Unique Contributions


We represent six prestigious, credible, and accomplished leading informal science education institutions that reach millions of people of all ages annually.   Collectively we are unique in the ways we will provide inspirational and cognitively demanding experiences for advancing STEM learning.  Together we offer……                                                               


  • Inspiring environments, collections and experiences that transport people of all ages to new places, disrupt familiar routines, open minds, and provide new ways of looking at the world.

  • Impressive breadth and depth of STEM programs and expertise that advance STEM learning and teaching and align with research and best practices.

  • Real-world informal STEM education experiences that develop interest, motivation, skills, and conceptual knowledge.

  • Collective resources and expertise that will transform STEM learning and teaching when integrated with pre-K-12 formal learning programs.

  • Access to staff and numerous networks of local, state, national and international professionals working in diverse STEM fields.

  • Opportunities for educators and other leaders to have a single point of contact to access STEM resources online and at our institutions.