Organizational Structure. Governance, and Staff

Beginning in 2009, the six leading informal science education institutions in Washington State came together to form  the Washington Informal Science Education (WISE) Consortium to advance  pre-K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM) education in Washington State.  Our primary focus is to work with underserved youth.

The Washington Informal Science Education (WISE) Consortium is managed by an Executive Director and governed by a seven-member Board that meets monthly. The Board is led by a Chair who is a distinguished retired business leader representing the community. The other six Board members are the CEOs/Presidents or Directors of each member institution.  The Board’s primary purpose is to set the strategic direction, provide general oversight, and work with the Executive Director to secure funding to sustain the Consortium, including its operations and program initiatives.  The Board does not receive compensation for their involvement.  A list of the Board members can be found on the next page.

In addition to the CEOs, education directors from each member institution attend monthly Board meetings.  They meet independently to plan and execute program initiatives.   A list of the current education directors is listed below along with the current consortium staff members.

As members of the Consortium, each member is accountable for fulfillment of the roles and responsibilities defined in the WISE Consortium’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU provides the guidelines for addressing critical areas associated with collaboration such as ownership of intellectual property and equitable fund disbursement. Independent of the Consortium, each institution conducts its own separate business operations that are accountable to separate boards and the communities they serve.

For Consortium program initiatives, the members work together strategically to leverage their collective resources and expertise. To become sustainable and achieve our mission, we secure financial support for both operations and program initiatives. To this end, the Consortium coordinates these strategies to prevent duplication or competition for sources of support. Currently, Woodland Park Zoo is serving as the Consortium’s fiscal sponsor.


WISE Consortium Staff 

Seth Margolis


WISE Consortium


Elana Slagle

Project Manager

WISE Consortium


WISE Consortium Education Directors

Becky Barker

Interim VP of Education

Woodland Park Zoo


Tara McCauley

Director of Education

Burke Museum


Seth Margolis

Director – William A. Helsell Education Dept.

The Museum of Flight