WISE Consortium Strategic Plan

Program Highlights

The WISE Consortium Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 represents the collective efforts of our six leading informal science education institutions to develop an ambitious vision, core values, measurable goals, and strategies, which are critical for transforming science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning for our youth, especially those who are underserved.  By leveraging our expertise and resources, our STEM education programs represent new models of STEM learning that are bold and innovative.  Our programs integrate formal and informal learning experiences during and after school.  The formal learning STEM programs are enhanced by experiences and resources from our institutions and partners that will motivate learning and advance students’ knowledge and skills.  The strategic after-school components will enhance learning that takes place during school while inspiring and catalyzing creativity in open learning environments after school hours.

As a result of implementing our strategic plan, the majority of pre-K-12 students in Washington State, especially those representing underserved communities, will have access to comprehensive, coherent, and integrated programs of inquiry-based STEM learning experiences that take place both in and out of schools.  We predict these effective and integrated experiences for our youth will positively impact their attitudes, academic performance, STEM literacy, and their pursuit of STEM technical and professional careers. Long-term we believe these programs will result in our students being able to contribute to our economy and the quality of life in their communities.

Operating Highlights

Our goals and strategies for establishing, effectively managing, and sustaining the administration and management of the WISE Consortium have been defined.  Over the next five years we plan to establish the Consortium as a leader in transforming STEM education for Washington State with stable and sustainable operations.

Financial Highlights

We have established ambitious goals and plans for obtaining a diverse portfolio of annual financial resources needed to sustain the WISE Consortium’s administration and management, and to support the long-term implementation of our STEM education programs for our underserved youth throughout Washington State.  As a new partnership, we are making progress in accomplishing our financial goals and are seeking support from new investors.

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